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Gastown Vancouver

Downtown Victoria


(778) 928-1687

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Please keep in mind I am in school and work multiple jobs, I take pre-bookings ONLY. Ensure you have read my deposit policy before reaching out.


Please provide the following in your inquiry, any messages missing information will be ignored:

  • Name

  • How you found me (tryst, leolist, twitter, etc)

  • Desired day, time, booking length

  • Your favourite animal

A Step by Step How To

1. Read through my WHOLE website, I guarantee your questions will be answered

2. Familiarize yourself with my deposit and cancellation policy

3. Send me an email OR a text with my required information

4. Our message exchange begins and we plan a date, finalized by a deposit

5. I will give you the address a day before, and you will receive the buzzer info when you arrive

6. Our date begins!

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